A great tragedy and a loss for Canada

I have known Oscar for several years and know him to be a productive member of his community, a dedicated family man, and a hard working person who’s full of life and compassion for others. Oscar has significantly integrated himself into Canadian society, and to remove him from Canada and his family would be a great tragedy, and a loss for Canada. I enthusiastically support Oscar Vigil’s campaign to stay in Canada.

Patrick Clohessy

An injustice that cannot be describe in words

Oscar, your friends, relatives and people in general from El Salvador, a poor country but with much political maturity, we support you in your fight against an injustice that cannot be describe in words. To split a family (deportation) in a country like Canada, which is supposed to be a hundred thousand times better than El Salvador for its humanitarian policy, justice and equal rights… We’ll support you forever. Could the authorities be ​​aware of what they have decided and revise their decisions.

Oscar, nosotros tus amigos, parientes y pueblo en general, desde El Salvador, un país humilde, pero con mucha madurez política), te apoyamos en tu lucha contra una injusticia, que no cabe en palabras describirla, pues una separación de familiar (deportación) en un país que se llama Canadá y que se supone que es cien mil veces mejor que El Salvador, por su política humanitaria, justicia e igualdad de derechos… Te apoyamos siempre. Rogamos a las autoridades hagan conciencia de lo que han determinado y enmienden sus decisiones.

Otto Tevez, El Salvador