Breaking a family

I urge Hon. Chris Alexander, Citizenship and Immigration Minister, to reverse the unfair deportation of Oscar Vigil.

I hope he will be allowed to remain in this country of opportunities, otherwise it would mean breaking his already established family in Canada since 2001.

Marco A. Guzman

Former Secretary General
Canadian Hispanic Congress (CHC)

Where is grace?

We strongly believe that Oscar Vigil should be allowed to remain in Canada and take our citizenship here. If we now support the government of El Salvador, surely we would support a person who helped that government come into being. The fact that his wife and children are Canadians should be reason enough. To deport him would be to play the game of the former government of El Salvador. We need to be much larger and more ethical than that! To deport him would be simply mean-spirited. Where is grace?

Mary MacDonald and Paul Vavasour

I lost my husband to almost an identical ruling

Dear Mr Vigil. I’m so sorry for the idiocy and inhumanity of our Conservative government and the incredible stress they are putting you and your family through. I lost my husband to almost an identical ruling many years ago. My daughter has grown up without her dad. All because my husband believed in justice for the people of El Salvador (ironically my involvement with the FMLN lasted longer than my husband yet he was punished with deportation).

Thanks you for your contribution to your countries (Canada & El Salvador). I will work on getting people to sign your petition.

Best of Luck

Margaret L.