MP Andrew Cash urges Government to reverse deportation of Oscar Vigil

MP for Davenport Andrew Cash

MP for Davenport Andrew Cash

This Wednesday, NDP MP for Davenport Andrew Cash asked the Conservative government to overturn a removal order for Oscar Vigil.

Oscar Vigil is a journalist from El Salvador who fled death threats and sought refugee status in Canada in 2001. His wife and three children have since been accepted by Canada’s immigrations services and have become Canadian citizens, but Vigil has been denied.

“The role of the Minister for Immigration should be to protect families, not break them up,” Andrew Cash asked in the House of Commons, “The Minister has the authority to reverse this deportation and keep this family together, will he do so?”

The government has ordered his deportation from Canada due to a previous association with the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). It should be noted that the FMLN is the current and duly elected government of El Salvador recognized by Canada.

Additionally the Canadian Border Services Agency performed a risk assessment in 2012 and found that “Mr Vigil does not constitute a danger to the security of Canada.”

“Oscar Vigil has raised a family in Canada. His wife and his children are Canadian citizens. He’s a hard-working journalist, and a leader in the Hispanic community in Toronto,” Cash said.

Video and the full text of Andrew Cash’s question can be found on Andrew’s website:

On Tuesday an article appeared in the Toronto Star on the case of Oscar Vigil, it can be accessed here:

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